Where does the name come from?

In the valley of the Ilse, a little creek, which takes its short flow through meadows and fields to the Bega, lies "die Kirchheide" (the churchmeadow). Naturally the name was given because the church in Talle, which lies on top of the hill, seemed to be protecting the deserted meadow beneath. Nowadays this meadow is the village of Kirchheide. People who live there say they live "on the Kirchheide", "up de Kerkheue" (old German), not in Kirchheide. Kirchheide is the center point of a farming district consisting of the villages of Matorf, Bruentorf, Istorf and Welstorf , and is one of the most urban villages in North Lippe. Besides a gradeschool, postoffice, 
restaurants, bars and one hotel , Kirchheide has banks, shops, stores and private businesses but few small farms.

Source: Menschen vom lippischen Boden, Max Staercke, 1936 Meiersche Hofbuchhandlung, Detmold

Original German Text translated into English by Sarah Blum-Sheller and Patricia Sheller